Randwick Council GRIN Award Ceremony

The Mayor and I

The Mayor and I

Today is the 1st of August 2014 and I noticed it was exactly one year ago that I created this blog about my Rewarding Recycling video. I had almost forgotten about the competition that my teacher, Mrs Affleck, had entered my video into. The competition is called GRIN and it stands for ‘GReen INnovation’.

I created this video to show the rewards you can earn from recycling. My principal, Mr Thomas, told me a few weeks ago that I had won an award and I was looking forward to attending the award ceremony where Mayor Scott Nash of Randwick City would attend.

This competition was mainly for adults however a few kids at my school also won an award. Tom, Paul and Matthew from my year did a video on graffiti and how sometimes it can be nice street art.

Hamish also from my year made a video on how there should be more bins in our city. My sister Eve and other kids in year 6 also received an award for their video called Dogpoomentary. I bet you can guess what that was about!

The Mayor, Scarlett, Eve (my sister) and Sarah

The Mayor, Scarlett, Eve (my sister) and Sarah did the documentary called Dogpoomentary

When my name was called out by the Mayor I felt very proud. I spoke to the Mayor and he said that that he enjoyed my video and thought I might have a career in journalism. That made my sister smile!

I am very excited that I was given this wonderful award. My name is now listed on Randwick Council’s website.


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