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My Time at Microsoft Build 2017

As you know from my last blog, I’ve just attended Microsoft Build 2017. My dad has been attending this conference for my whole life and I assumed it was a boring “adult” conference. I was surprised by how much fun this tech conference was!

Most of the conference was just attending sessions and walking around the hub where they had so many awesome new technologies for demos.

On top of that I did an interview for Channel 9 Microsoft (not the real Channel 9 on TV for all my Aussie friends!). I think they were interested to know what a kid was doing at the conference!
Watch Video:

During the day I stayed with my dad and the rest of the RD’s in a “special” room. I got to meet a few Microsoft bigwigs Scott Guthrie, Kevin Gallo, Kevin Scott and as you guys know, Satya Nadella.

Check out these wicked photos! 😉

Kevin Scott – Boss of IT at Microsoft and LinkedIn
Kevin Gallo – Boss of Microsoft Developers
Satya Nadella – Boss of Microsoft (he replaced Bill Gates and Steve Balmer)
Scott Guthrie in the red shirt! He is the boss of Microsoft Azure.

I can tell you guys, this conference is so much fun and definitely not just for old people.



Ruby this is such an informative blog. I will share it with my team at the Fitzroy Kitchen. Thanks for sharing. Your Personal Chef “Phatt Duck”

Alison says:

Ruby, Just watched your Channel 9 interview … FANTASTIC! I love the way you said “we can do this together because I haven’t started and clearly, you haven’t either” great invitation to all out there thinking of learning coding. I might take it up with you! Love you Alison xxx

Hey Ruby – it was great to have you in the room with us as we got briefed by the senior folks at Microsoft! I thought you added a unique perspective to the conversation and was pleased to see you getting everyone thinking deeply about how technology can make a difference for young people.

Thanks for hanging with us!

Ruby, you are an inspiration to my children. What a great educational experience. Many people have a life goal of meeting Satya, the CEO of Microsoft, and you have now achieved this. Not only met him, but you had a close 1:1 personal conversation. Wow!

AND THEN you visited sessions and recorded a Channel 9 video. Amazing. Thank you for this write up, we call something like this a “Trip Report”.

I’m honored I was able to spend some time with you and your dad, at the end of your conference. I look forward to seeing you at future conferences, please never lose you passion for learning!

Jo Feely says:

Great post, Ruby! What an amazing experience – sounds like you learned a lot!

Looking at those group photos, that’s a room that definitely has a gender imbalance going on! Hopefully this is something that corrects itself in future as more rad young women like yourself get involved with tech – I look forward to hearing more about your adventures with learning to code 😊

Tiago Pascoal says:

Hi Ruby,

I was nice to meet you in person and seeing you at Build

I always find it fascinating when I see young people like yourself being interested in technology.

I mean not as a technology user (as most people are nowadays, tech is pervasive), but also as someone who is interested in technology behind the scenes. How things work, why things work the way they do and how people behind the tech work together.

I hope you are setting a new trend and on next year’s Build there will be more young people, your sure seemed to have made good use of your time there.

Microsoft Corp almost occupies every space in the market and brings many talents. So, the technology of Microsoft can’t be measured by money value.

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