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rubycoganHi there!

I’m Ruby Cogan and I like travelling and seeing the world from many perspectives. I am a maths sort of person who likes sport. I have a youtube channel and there you can see that was lucky enough to be able to interview Dick Smith and Noel Gordon, both inspirational Australians.

When I started this blog, I was 8 years old and attending Claremont College in Randwick. My highlight for primary school was being the School Captain for 2016.

I am now 12 years old and go to St Vincent’s College Potts Point in Sydney with my sister Eve.





Taimie says:

Hey Ruby,
sure enjoyed your posts on the blog so far! And the showreels are awesome 🙂
Hope you are doing great – there’s not a day going by without thinking how you girls are.
Best wishes from Germany

Jonathan Chen says:

Hi Ruby,

I like your posts!

Don't have a name says:

Hey Ruby, you seem like a very smart person. Your blog inspires me to contribute to stop polluting this earth, and to try the best and achieve the best in everything I do. Honestly your a big motivator and you inspire me a lot.

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