V-Fest 2016 – 3rd Place!

I entered my Google Maps Video with the inventor Noel Gordonxx into a video competition called V-Fest. After looking at the time limit of 6 minutes, I was turned off because my video is 10 minutes, but as I rewatched the video I realised that there were some scenes in the video which I was able to cut out and I would still have a great video. The video was shortened for the competition and I was informed I was one of the finalists. It was a great night and had loads of fun! A big congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted and especially to 1st and 2nd place!!

It was a great night and amazing to see how different my video was up on a big screen. A big congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted and especially to 1st and 2nd place!!

Deborah Cave and Ruby Cogan

Winners – Juniors

1st:  ELEVATOR PARADIGM – Melissa Q. (North Sydney Girls High School)

2nd: PUPPETEERS – Zack Lewin (Blakehurst High School)

3rd: GOOGLE MAPS – Ruby Cogan (St Vincent’s College)

Winners – Seniors

1st: FALLING BUT IN RISING – Tom Doyle (Barker College)

2nd: HALCYON – Lewis Clark (Rose Bay Secondary School)

3rd: DREAMS THAT STAY WITH YOU AFTER YOU WAKE – Anais Adolphe (Burwood Girls High School)

About V-Fest:

V-Fest is a short film competition run by Rosebay Secondary College for kids in year 7-12. If you want to enter here is a link to their website and this is their facebook page!

V-Fest – a Sydney annual student short film competition

Created in 1999 by Deborah Cave (17th year)

There are 3 winners in each section:
– Junior section: Years 7-10
– Senior section: Years 11-12

Hundreds of entries come each year from schools throughout Sydney.


Video: My School Captain Ceremony for Claremont College 2015

Last year I was grateful to be chosen to be the 2015 Girl School Captain for Claremont College.

This year I have been very busy doing speeches, raising the flag in the mornings, talking to parents during functions and generally trying to be a good School Captain along with Tom Findlay, who is our Boy School Captain. Mr Doug Thomas, my principal, tells a story about him as a leader when he was our age.

2 years ago my sister Eve was also School Captain, she inspired me and I know I have big shoes to fill.

The video is of the official ceremony and I hope you like it.

rubyruby-1 ruby-2

School Captains:

  • Ruby Cogan
  • Tom Findlay

School Prefects:

  • Carlos Tobiano
  • Timothy Moore

Band Captains:

  • Nadia Hui
  • Hamish Boyd

Chess Captain:

  • Jayden Lim

Choir Captain:

  • Matthew Awad

CRU Captain:

  • Paul Nicolaou

Creative Arts Captain:

  • Olivia Vouris

Eco Warriors Captains:

  • Ella Ford
  • Rhys Williams

House Captains – Austin:

  • James Jenkins
  • Ellie Horrax

House Captains – Hyland:

  • Lachlan Muffett
  • Lydia Cheng

House Captains – Storey:

  • Georigina Beer
  • Antonia Sukkar

House Captains – Wearne:

  • Ethan Nixon
  • Kai Hastings


I was a Finalist in Flickerfest 2015

I decided to enter Flickerfest. It all started with my sister’s Eve’s idea. Flickerfest is an international and Australian short film festival held each year with different categories.  The festival screened the finalists in January at Bondi Beach. Some outdoors at night “under the stars”, some in the threatre at the Bondi Beach Pavilion.


I entered three of my videos which included my interview with “Dick Smith, Businessman, Adventurer, Philanthropist“, my environmental video called “Rewarding Recycling” and my video about “Treetop Adventure Park“. The video that I wanted them to select and the video that I thought had the highest chance of becoming a finalist was my Dick Smith video. We were told that over 2,200 videos were entered and only 19 videos were short listed in FlickerUp. Surprisingly, my video “Rewarding Recycling” was selected as a finalist. My sister, Eve, entered one video which was based on how Australia created Wi-Fi, and it was also selected. We had very proud parents that day!

Figure: Mine and Eve's videos on the shortlist

Figure: Mine and Eve’s videos on the finalists list

When Eve and I were accepted we were given a list of instructions for extra stuff. They needed extra formats of the video file, photos and other stills needed for promotional material.  There was so much extra to do for the festival! The instructions were very difficult to implement and understand because they used very technical language. After some researching my sister and I finally understood what to do.

A few weeks later on a very hot day my very happy family were driving to Bondi Beach to attend Flickerfest and watch the finalists’ videos with many of our family friends.

We saw all 19 finalist’s videos and I noticed most of them were stories with a moral at the end. There were two videos which I particularly enjoyed. The first one was called “Misconception” by Shendell Hay. At first it appeared to be a murder story because a man lined up knives, he was wearing gloves and there was a red substance on several items in the kitchen which looked like blood. However, at the end there was an unexpected twist when he actually was just making some jam! The life lesson of that story is that if you change the way you look at something, the thing you are looking at will change.

The next video which I particularly enjoyed was called “My Only Enemy is Time” by Elly Carantinos. The video was about an old Greek man that had just been declared legally blind by his doctor.  We learnt about the cycle of life. The man was speaking in Greek (which I can understand) and there were English subtitles at the bottom. He explained that as a younger man he had built his holiday home by himself and then he went on to explain he was now too old to do any repairs to it and so now unfortunately he was forced to sell his holiday home. The video shows the old man going to the cemetery to visit his wife and his other friends. He made an analogy of life to that of a fig on a fig tree. The fig grows and develops and after a while the fig will fall off. This was my favourite video and it brought many tears to my eyes. In fact, I am sad again writing these words.

We were then given a twenty minute break so the judges could make their decisions. As we were at Bondi Beach, we went for a quick swim with our family friends the Voulgaris’ and we were quickly back, ready to hear the judges decisions.

The judges didn’t pick my video, but I was happy to be one of the 19. I was very lucky to meet the judges and hear how they judged the videos. This was an amazing experience and I hope to enter more videos in the future.

They did pick someone I know for the winner, but I am not allowed to tell you who. Sorry but Eve has promised me that she will blog it this week or I will have to tell you 🙂


Lionel Bowen Young Writers’ Award 2014 – Winners


I have some good news: I am now a published author!

Last night (Wednesday 26 November 2014) I won 2nd place and my sister won 3rd place in the Lionel Bowen Young Writers Award 2014 held in Randwick City. This competition runs every second year and Eve won 1st prize in 2012.

I entered a short story that I called “The Disastrous Drought“.

Eve entered a beautiful heart-felt poem that I thought was really good named “Where the Land Meets the Sea“.

Last month it was so exciting when my sister Eve and I found out we had been shortlisted and we were to attend the award ceremony.

Here is me winning my award…

Here is big sister Eve winning her award…

Last night was great and I met many important people including the Councillor Tony Bowen (the award is named after his dad Lionel Bowen) and the judges:

  • Associate Professor Cath Ellis
  • Professor Christine Alexander

Me, Actor Bill Conn and Eve Cogan. Mr Conn was the MC for the night


The judge and I. Her name is Associate Professor Cath Ellis


Eve Cogan, Councillor Tony Bowen and I

I entered the category for Years 5 and 6 short story and I did not expect to beat the older kids. My sister Eve had the same problem but worse as she is in year 7 and had to verse year 8 and 9 students. My friend Nicole Chong also won a highly commended (she now goes to St Catherine’s School). The judge told us that the number of entries for 2014 surpassed all prior years.

Here are the other successful young writers that won along with Eve and I.

School years 5 – 6: Poem

1st – Pia Michalandos – The Promise
2nd – Dong Duong Nguyen – Wild
3rd – Saxon Mendham – My Land
4th – Nicole Chong – My secret place
5th – Georgia York – This is our world

School years 5 – 6: Prose

1st – Logan Ingle – Sand between their Toes
2nd – Ruby Tuesday Cogan – The Disastrous Drought
Jenna Thompson – Lost in the Bush
Lola Hunt – Out in the Bush
Rachael Corban – Shadow of a Girl

School years 7 – 9: Poem

1st – Liam Wood – The Coast Is My Home
2nd – Cindy Mtitelu – Recital of the Waves
3rd – Eve Cogan – Where the Land Meets the Sea
Highly commended – Jacqueline Lim – Him
Patricia Awadalla – The Beauty of Nature

School years 7 – 9: Prose

1st – Jason Cleary-Gorton – The Way of the Bush
2nd – Jaysen Largent – Chernobyl
3rd – Shea Donohoe – Willow
4th – Delilah McArthur – Fallen Soldier
Erik Unger – There He Lay
Jennifer Hatfield – A Hot Day


The happy winners (my sister is behind me)