Video: Typing Test – Which Microsoft Surface keyboard is the best? Touch vs Type


I did a test to see which Microsoft Surface keyboard is better, the ‘Touch’ or the ‘Type’. I put the two Surface keyboards up for the ultimate words per minute (wpm) battle. The result was very clear. I had much more experience with the Touch that came with the Surface, although I felt the Type was easier to use. Keep reading to find out the winner.

My dad got in the habit of taking my laptop into the office so I started using the Surface to do my Year 5 English homework this year. For a long time I had been using the Touch keyboard but I couldn’t stand using it, because it is too sensitive and wouldn’t let me keep my fingers down on the keyboard without typing in random letters! After what seemed like forever, I convinced my dad to buy a Type keyboard. He choose Eve’s favourite colour, pink. I was able to do my homework much quicker and effortlessly so I’m really glad Dad bought it.

There are quite a few differences between the two keyboards. The Type keyboard is more like a normal keyboard where you press down on the letters that are all keys and you can actually hear the ‘click’ noise when you type. The keys on both keyboards are very small, it was OK for me, but I think that adults with bigger fingers would have some problems. The Touch is a much more sensitive keyboard which means that you must keep your fingers off the keyboard while you type because if you accidentally put your finger down on a key, it will type the letter. When I was taught to type, I was told to keep my fingers resting on the keyboard, but the Touch would not allow me to do that.

At the end of the tests I received the result I was waiting for. The Touch gave me a disappointing result of 19 words per minute, while the Type keyboard gave me a much better result of 39 words per minute. So, as you can see the winner was … the Type! I advise you all to buy the Type keyboard if you have the Surface!

By Ruby Cogan


3 thoughts on “Video: Typing Test – Which Microsoft Surface keyboard is the best? Touch vs Type

  1. I had always felt that the type was much better than the type, but I had never thought to actually measure my performance on each.

    I would be interested to see a comparison of new Touch 2 & Type 2 covers, to see if the more sensitive Touch 2 is any better.

  2. I looked up inadvertently your webpage and saw the video. Good test! Here’s a link to a good app that tests your typing skills when you make some further improvements next time. Link to Type Speed in the Windows Store
    Type Speed (

    P.S. I have been using the first-generation Microsoft Touch Cover for one and half years. Personally, it requires less effort to type on the Touch Cover than the traditional mechanical keyboard (don’t own the Type Cover). 82 wpm is what I get. 🙂


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