Video: Review of Tomb Raider Xbox Video Game

I am 11 years old and I just finished a video game called “Tomb Raider”, which was based on the movie, Tomb Raider. The video game is about a girl, named Lara Croft, (who is played by the famous actor, Angelina Jolie).

I have watched both movies but that did not really help in playing this game.

I played the game on the Xbox One (but it is also available for the PlayStation 4). It was released in 2004 and it is called “Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition” and Lara gets stuck on an island and she needs to escape. She goes on hunts to find tools to fix the ship but get’s in big trouble many times and she only just escapes each time leaving behind thousands of cursed angry soldiers.

I recorded this video to describe my experience with this video game. Now I can’t wait for the next one called “Rise of the Tomb Raider” and I think it is going to be released by Christmas in 2015.

I hope you like it!


Video: What might children be saying in 2025? (If we destroy our environment)

I was asked to be a part of an advertisement to help save Australia’s environment. It was organised by Getup who help protect Australia’s environment.

I thought the video was funny. The video shows a classroom in 2025 where 4 kids (including me) are telling their holiday stories during “Show and Tell”. Each student has a different “environmental” story to tell.

The first news story is about the disappearance of the “Great Barrier Reef”. The second news story is about “fracking” in the outback. The third story is my story and I tell the class about the deforestation happening in Tasmania. The last story is about allowing shooting in our National Parks.

The video ends by asking all Australians to “help protect the places that make Australia beautiful” by not allowing Prime Minister Tony Abbott to hand over decision-making powers to State Governments and vested interests.

Figure: This is me in 2025

Figure: This is me in a classroom in 2025

I really enjoyed being part of this production and I hope this never happens to Australia. 2025 is only 10 years away! I learnt so much on the day, because I was the last child to be filmed, so I asked lots of questions about fracking and how it pollutes our water. I don’t think mining companies should be allowed to frack in Australia.

Join me on the walk. (I plan on being there on the first day, Saturday 21 February [Avon Dam and Camden events])

Please Don’t Frack! Sydney’s Water is too Precious

Sydneysiders will walk 160km this month, from where our drinking water comes from, right to NSW Parliament in the centre of the city to deliver an important message to our MPs: protect our water!

It doesn’t kick off until 21 February but it’s already making news:

Join the Walk for Water… You don’t have to walk the whole way though, of course you are welcome to. RSVP here:



Dynamite – Karise Eden’s Music Video (Behind the Scenes)

I was in Karise Eden’s music video called ‘Dynamite’. Karise Eden is an amazing singer and she was the first winner of The Voice. Everybody loves her unique voice.

I was excited to be part of Karise’s music video and the story was great. The Dynamite video shows the story of a young girl that is bullied, finds a boxing club, learns how to defend herself and then grows up to be a champion and is able to share the wisdom she has to younger children.

Making the video was a long day. I woke early very excited, ready to meet Karise Eden! I eagerly packed my gym clothes and set the destination in my dad’s phone. After a little while we were at the famous boxing gym, Redfern’s Tony Mundine Gym. I was told that many champions have trained there.

My dad and I arrived and were greeted by the directors, Lawrence Lim and Bruce Dawson. I soon found out that Karise had already done her filming the day before and wasn’t coming in. 🙁  I spent the next few minutes saying hello to all of the actors at the shoot. I got changed into my school uniform (Claremont College) and had my make up done.

The scenes weren’t filmed in order. The first scene we filmed was when I walked into the gym curious to know about this new world. After filming that scene I got changed into my exercise gear ready to box. Once I was dressed I was given a delicious chocolate milkshake by Bruce! Time was short, so I had to start the next scene, so I let my dad mind it for me.

Before any more scenes I needed to really box well so Rob Flanigan taught me for hours, while other scenes were filmed. I have worked with Rob before in a NOVR movie called Blood and Steel, and he is very nice and kind. He also was a professional boxer when he was younger in England! I learnt the different techniques of boxing, then we were able to do 3 more scenes where Rob was teaching me how to box.


Figure: I learnt a lot about boxing

When the scenes were finished I came back to a half finished chocolate milkshake!

I then got changed back into my school uniform to film the remaining scenes. It was getting late but everyone was awesome. What a day!

When the video was released I thought the editing was excellent because it expressed the story of a shy girl who was bullied and then got strong and confident. I hope you like it.

Here are some cool photos from the day: