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Dynamite – Karise Eden’s Music Video (Behind the Scenes)

I was in Karise Eden’s music video called ‘Dynamite’. Karise Eden is an amazing singer and she was the first winner of The Voice. Everybody loves her unique voice.

I was excited to be part of Karise’s music video and the story was great. The Dynamite video shows the story of a young girl that is bullied, finds a boxing club, learns how to defend herself and then grows up to be a champion and is able to share the wisdom she has to younger children.

Making the video was a long day. I woke early very excited, ready to meet Karise Eden! I eagerly packed my gym clothes and set the destination in my dad’s phone. After a little while we were at the famous boxing gym, Redfern’s Tony Mundine Gym. I was told that many champions have trained there.

My dad and I arrived and were greeted by the directors, Lawrence Lim and Bruce Dawson. I soon found out that Karise had already done her filming the day before and wasn’t coming in. 🙁  I spent the next few minutes saying hello to all of the actors at the shoot. I got changed into my school uniform (Claremont College) and had my make up done.

The scenes weren’t filmed in order. The first scene we filmed was when I walked into the gym curious to know about this new world. After filming that scene I got changed into my exercise gear ready to box. Once I was dressed I was given a delicious chocolate milkshake by Bruce! Time was short, so I had to start the next scene, so I let my dad mind it for me.

Before any more scenes I needed to really box well so Rob Flanigan taught me for hours, while other scenes were filmed. I have worked with Rob before in a NOVR movie called Blood and Steel, and he is very nice and kind. He also was a professional boxer when he was younger in England! I learnt the different techniques of boxing, then we were able to do 3 more scenes where Rob was teaching me how to box.

Figure: I learnt a lot about boxing

When the scenes were finished I came back to a half finished chocolate milkshake!

I then got changed back into my school uniform to film the remaining scenes. It was getting late but everyone was awesome. What a day!

When the video was released I thought the editing was excellent because it expressed the story of a shy girl who was bullied and then got strong and confident. I hope you like it.

Here are some cool photos from the day:



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Angie Menegay says:

I just watched the video. Excellent work Ruby!!!

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