An Interview with my Dad

(My Year 3 home work assignment for Miss Xie, is to interview my dad about his memories growing up. Here is what I learnt.)

As a child my dad lived on a farm in the Hunter Valley. So he got the chance to have fun with animals.

My dad was very adventurous so he liked doing things that were scary and fun, like building motor bike tracks. This sounds like fun, I’m sure I would do it too if I had the time and room.

When my dad grew up, he had to do hard chores like milking 200 cows every day!! Even on Christmas, Easter and his birthday!! The poor cows, why don’t they ever get to drink their mummy’s milk?

My dad usually did things on his own, but he says his favourite memory with his parents was spending Christmas day with his mum, dad and sister (my auntie Louise Cogan).


Figure: Taking their best cows to the annual “Sydney Royal Easter Show” was a big event for my dad.

Every year a big event happened. My dads family went to the “Sydney Royal Easter Show” and showed off their big, fat healthy cows. After a busy week it was time to go back home. All the other farmers came over and looked at their cows and all the prizes they had won.


Figure: A great memory my dad had was getting a years supply of Passiona from a truck accident.

One other great memory my dad told me about, was one day a huge truck filled with Passiona (Passiona is like Coke but passion fruit flavoured) tipped over and they left it there for about a week. My dad took 212 bottles of Passiona and it filled the hall way, they had Passiona for their drink at dinner every night for months!

There is only about 30 years difference between my dad and I, but it seems like more because our lives are so different.

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