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Ruby Cogan Showreel 2

This was my second audition. I went for the role of “Ginty” and it will be a popular Hollywood film called “Saving Mr. Banks”
Stars: Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Colin Farrell | See full cast and crew

I felt sorry for my character Ginty. I can’t wait to see how Annie Rose Buckly plays her. Ginty is a little girl who had a drunk father.

The film tells the story of the life of Pamela Travers, who was the creator of Mary Poppins. Pamela was an Australian novelist, who lived until 96 (which is 2 years older than my grandfather Jack Cogan).

I saw the live Mary Poppins musical when I was in New York. My dad made us walk to Broadway in New York City. We were in NYC after attending a wedding for one of his funny friends (Stephen Forte – Evie and I call him Elvis)

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