Learning about rainforests at Treetop Adventure Park

This term at school we had to do our Year 5 assignment about rainforests for our Guided Inquiry Project. I did a lot of research on rainforests and I learnt many new facts.

I also did a video and I had a lot of fun making it. I went to Tree Top Adventure Park, which is in Ourimbah State Forest, just north of Sydney. It was such a fun day going there and I got to use my GoPro for something useful. Continue reading

Apple vs Microsoft – Playing music around the house

I was looking for a simple way to play music all around my house. Our house has an amplifier and we have the new XBox One and the Apple TV. I knew both devices could play music and I was curious to see which device would be the easiest to play on our home amp.

I first tried the combination of Microsoft’s Surface 2 and the Xbox One. Then I tried Apple’s iPad with the Apple TV. Continue reading

Using Google Maps (My Places and Pins) for my assignment

A few of us in year 4 were selected to do Extension Literacy. Although I knew this meant extra work for my weekends, I was excited because I was finally able to use Edmodo, which is like Facebook but for students and teachers. I had seen my big sister Eve using Edmodo last year and I thought it looked pretty cool.

Below you will see my “Asia and Australia” assignment and some parts were really hard! The bit I really liked was discovering how to use Google Maps. You can create your own personal map with pins on different places. Continue reading