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Ruby Cogan Showreel 1

This is my first Showreel. It was an exciting day and I got to meet Christine King at her casting agency at Potts Point, Sydney.

I learnt the script (thankfully I only had to read 30 out of 100 pages) and then Todd O’Mara and Emma Hyland reviewed it with me. Emma is really nice and gave me lots of suggestions on how to improve my performance.

It was about a little girl Billie and her dad Scully, whose mum Jennifer had run away and they were trying to find her.

There were a lot of girls auditioning for the role and from the script I am sure it will be a great movie. The movie will be called “The Riders” and someone lucky will work with Sam Worthington who has starred in Avatar (my friend Spiros Zafiropoulos learnt every single word from that movie!).

Sam has done other great movies too

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oscar says:

good show real ruby

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